Play The Quest at All Slots casino and collect your prizes!

Sometimes it seems like playing the same casino games can grow old and lose its charm, but that won’t happen as long as the Australian online casinos would keep coming up with great ideas for monthly promotions that bring the gambling experience to a whole new level.
If a player wants to take part in a unique experience that will boost his winnings in a fun and thrilling way, he can play The Quest at All Slots casino and make the most out of this great opportunity to make some extra cash while enjoying all the best casino games the casino world has to offer.

During this month, casino players can play at all the popular online casinos for real money and win some great prizes along the way. This promo is available at all the popular online casinos, including the All Slots casino, the VIP Lounge casino, Wild Jack casino, First Web casino and the All Jackpots casino.

Basic Details

This monthly promotion lasts from November 1 st till November 28 th . During this period of time, 4 different rounds will take place, awarding the player with different prizes on each of these rounds. The player has to opt-in to the promotion and keep playing at his favourite casino every single week, collecting loyalty points that would be converted to promotional points later on.
Each loyalty point equals one promotional point, and the player must accumulate a certain amount of these points on every round so he could enjoy the thrilling challenges, extra boosters and the unforgettable surprises that are awarded to him in the end. The Quest is a great promotion that shakes the contestants out of their stupor and adds some thrill to their daily routine.

Additional Info

Every week, the participating gamblers would collect points that unlock up to 2 goals each round. The bonuses would be credited up to 15 minutes after reaching the goal that was set earlier on in the game, so the player won’t have to wait for long before he gets his award.
The points that are accumulated during one round are valid for that round only, and they can’t be cumulated from one round to the next. Also, it is important to know that bonus loyalty points that a player gets while making the most out of other promotions at the casinos, won’t be converted to promotional points on this particular monthly promo.

The amount of promotional points that are required to unlock each goal changes from prize to prize, so it is important that the player keeps track of his progress at the promotions’ homepage. Apart from that, the player will be notified of his winning by an email and via a message at the casino software itself, so the winnings won’t go unnoticed.
The Quest is an exciting promotion that allows the player to set out on a thrilling adventure that boosts his winnings as it awards him with great prizes, all while the player faces some unique challenges.
In Conclusion

This months’ new promotion awards the participants with great prizes as they make the most out of some interesting and unforgettable challenges. Each week, the player would get a chance to use these prizes to his advantage by spending them on his favourite casino games at the participating casinos.
The Quest brings a certain thrill to the table, and as each day passes the player gets closer and closer to the big prize. All in all, this promotion is one of the most engaging and lucrative promos of this year, so every player who is interested in making some quick cash should definitely opt-in and set out on this breathtaking adventure.